Corn at Patterson Farm

What would fall be without the colors of ornamental corn? We provide wholesale Indian corn to farm stands and specialty shops throughout New England.  Our Indian corn is available in all the latest varieties September through October, and is sold in case lots of 20 bunches per case.

Historically speaking, Indian corn, also known as Calico corn or Flint corn, is a grain native to the Americas. The rise of corn as a staple in Western diets came only after Native Americans gave seeds to early English colonists, teaching them how to grow and harvest it. When distinguishing it from other grains, the colonists referred to it as “Indian corn” because it was so unlike any of the grains they were used to eating back in England. Needless to say, Indian corn quickly caught on and the rest is history. Today, the United States uses more farmland to grow corn than it uses to grow any other grain.